On Rewilding the Psyche & Why I’m Going “Old School”

Hi there wildlings,

So here’s the question of the hour:

Why have I started this blog at a time when TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms are all the rage?

I admit that what I’m doing here is definitely “not with the times,” and can be seen as old school, web 2.0, uncool, and early 2000s. I guess it’s kind of like using a fax machine when you can just use your email or using a record player when you can just turn on Spotify from your iPhone.

Who starts a text-based blog, when you can start a way more stimulating social media page with stories, reels, and so on?

Personally, I love audio and text-based content way more than videos. I find visual content overly stimulating for my HSP nature, and reading helps me to slow down and go at my own pace.

Yes, I do have a private Instagram account that I use to browse Instagram every so often, and a tenuously maintained Facebook page.

But I just find that whenever I visit these places, most of the time they feel overwhelming and fragmenting to the psyche.

So I came up with a plan at the end of 2022 and listened to a little flame flickering in my heart that said with an extremely unreasonable voice, “Start a blog! Share yourself there.

So I’ve started this little space, and I’m certain that I’ll get a fraction of the amount of engagement I’d usually get on my Facebook page.

But sharing highly personal content on platforms that are constantly monitoring me, selling my data, tracking my every move, advertising to me, and feeding off my lifeforce energy feels, well, kind of disturbing to be honest.

This is a passion project I’m starting to rewild my psyche which has been fragmented and manipulated by social media engines and the constant validation-approval, toxic comparison, and exhaustion that has arisen as a result of being a part of them.

This is a passion project to share my soul work, journey of trauma healing, therapeutic art, philosophical musings, and other insights in a safe container that feels true to my deeper needs.

And finally, in a world that is so fast-paced and overstimulating, this is a passion project that offers me the ability to rest, relax, contemplate, be seen and heard, and find an oasis in the chaos of the online and offline worlds.

Yes, I won’t necessarily be popular, hyper-visible, trendy, or get tons of likes – but I will feel more soul-aligned. I’ll be able to go at my own slow pace. I’ll be able to disconnect from the grind culture of constantly creating and sharing and feeding the machine ad nauseum.

(By the way, if you love social media, that’s perfect! You do you, 100%. What I write here is no judgment about your likes and preferences, just an expression of what does and doesn’t work for me, and that is sharing my innermost world and struggles on social media no longer feels aligned.)

As this is a space for rewilding my psyche, I’m not committing to any pattern of sharing or posting. I will share and post according to my own cyclical nature. Sometimes I will be quiet (maybe for many months!). Other times I will be loud. Honestly, I’m not sure how this space will evolve, or how long it will last.

But I do know that I feel led to consecrate this as a space for publicly-shared inner exploration and healing (and if you follow my work on lonerwolf, perhaps you’ll find that interesting!).

Will I still be posting on social media? Yes! But I won’t be posting my innermost world on it anymore — that’s what this space is for.

May this blog be interesting, helpful, inspiring, and at times a mirror for your own journey into the wildwoods of life.

Thank you so much for being here!

P.S. If you resonate with what I do, feel free to stay connected for occasional emails on soul work, art therapy, trauma healing, spiritual musings, guidance, and more ♡

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