Your Body is the Oracle

We are taught (or sold) the idea that we need pendulums to choose the way, tarot cards to guide us, psychics to foresee the way ahead, crystals to enhance our intuition, and other spiritual nicknacks to serve the role that our body already does best.

Your body is the oracle.

That fire in your belly tells you to keep moving forward. The contraction in your chest speaks of sadness, pain, or fear. The dullness in your body screams a big “no!” The lightness in your body shouts a big “yes!”

The craving to slow down, speed up, be still, be active, be in different states of being tells you everything you need on how to live your life.

None of us need these spiritual nicknacks. Not really. They can be great fun of course. These tools can help us when we need help awakening our intuition, and like training wheels on a bike, they can help to steady us and support us. If we’re disconnected or distracted from the body, these intuitive tools can help to anchor us.

But never forget that you already have a crystal ball of truth, a finely tuned intuitive instrument that is with you always and everywhere: your body.

You see, the thing is that seeing your body as the oracle, as the way-shower, as the inner guide, isn’t that popular.

It’s not overly marketable.

Spiritual consumerism as a main offshoot from capitalist culture would have us believe that we NEED that tarot deck. We NEED that (questionably sourced) crystal. We NEED that book, that astrology reading, that essential oil, that special sign from someone or something else that we’re on the right track.

It’s not profitable for us to tune into the wisdom inherent in our own oracular bodies.

In fact, it’s in the best interests of the capitalistic spiritual marketplace to make us mistrust ourselves; to feed of our insecurity, our mental fragmentation, our self-doubt, our disconnection — and not only that, but to also encourage and promote this mistrust!

Seeing our body as the oracle is a very internal thing you see. You can’t create hoards of TikTok videos out of it and it’s difficult to create a lust-worthy aesthetic out of it on Instagram.

Spiritual consumerism would have us believe that the only worthy expression of intuition is through something you can see, like, buy, and consume on a social media channel, or in a new age store.

It has to be visible to count. It has to be buyable and getable and ownable to count. Can you see that capitalism is just as present in spirituality than in any other area?

So if you’ve been feeling tired of the capitalist treadmill. If you’re low on income, low on time, low on energy, or low on tolerance for bullshit, just know that you don’t need any of this “stuff” to be intuitive.

You don’t need ANY spiritual trinket or external guidance or validation, in actuality. Yes, they can help.

But the most true and accurate source of insight is your body. Your body is the oracle.

(And yes this applies to all genders and non-identified folks too.)

So here’s a permission slip to step back from any spiritual tool that feels heavy, pressuring, tiresome, expensive, and fundamentally disempowering. You don’t need to buy or get anything to validate your inherent intuition. You don’t need to outsource your intuition.

And ultimately, you don’t need this permission slip either — your body knows the truth.

Your body feels the truth in the tingles, the tension, the spaciousness, the contraction, the feelings in your gut and chest, the waves of sensation that rise and fall through you.

You know the answers deep down. You are It.



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2 responses to “Your Body is the Oracle”

  1. Danielle Russell avatar
    Danielle Russell

    What a great insight you just shared. Our bodies as our own barometer, thermometer and scale is not novel but rather new again. Excellent post.

    What I find challenging is that our instrument, as moderns, isn’t as fine tuned as it could be. We have been instrumentalized by consumerism and food engineering, behavior modification for consumption, our opinion manipulated and so on.

    Our signals aren’t ours as much as we would like to think and interpreting them isn’t organic anymore.

    We must retrain to even differentiate what and where our truth might come from.


    1. Yes, this is true Danielle. Although we’ve lost touch with the finely tuned nature of our bodies, I’m grateful that there are ample practices and tools out there that can support us in “waking up” the body so to speak, like mindfulness, yoga, massage, and so forth. We can retrain in any moment if we wish (deep breathing is another great tool for this). Thank you for reading and sharing 💗


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